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The Executive Wing is proud to serve our clients and we deal with a wide range of industries. We provide the executive search services that help all of our clients identify and acquire the leaders and contributors that shape the new company’s future and make a real difference. It is imperative that all our placements make an impact on the Company’s mission for success.

Using our dedicated search process, extensive multi-industry experience, and long-term relationships, we help clients in the following industries build more effective teams and meet all of their business objectives:


Companies in the automotive industry face new challenges that must be addressed in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. The implementation of new technologies requires individuals to bring a new set of skills to the manufacturing process.

The Executive Wing helps our clients meet the increased demand for talented candidates with the experience and expertise to serve Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers with the talent they need. We find top candidates with backgrounds in engineering, quality, SCM (purchasing, production control, warehousing, distribution), finance, production operations, HR, maintenance, IT and Executive Leadership for any automotive companies looking to advance.

Consumer Products

Manufacturing consumer products requires unique skills and experience. There are many demands and challenges that are specific to consumer products, and companies are in need of those individuals to help them meet their business objectives.

Consumer products positions require an entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving skills, and management capabilities. We help businesses identify the key leaders who help them bring new products to the marketplace, produce those products, market them through the appropriate channel and category manage their success..


Industrial/OEM businesses need employees who have an understanding of the manufacturing process. They look for candidates who can oversee the different aspects of the process including production and distribution.

The Executive Wing has helped businesses in the Industrial/OEM sectors attract and retain the most qualified candidates. These individuals are able to step into positions of leadership while adapting to an evolving market.

Medical Devices

Changes in healthcare and the demand for improved quality presents the medical devices industry with new challenges and growth opportunities. The right candidates who can meet these demands is essential to the success of medical devices manufacturers.

Regulatory and market changes, along with the need to ensure product safety, makes this industry one of the most exciting and challenging. We make it easy for businesses to find the qualified candidates they need.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical

We provide qualified candidates who are experienced in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields. Our clients require a high level of scientific expertise and a commitment to high performance within their organizations.

We attract the most talented leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for our clients to choose from.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry requires a diverse set of skills from executives. These individuals participate in the development, safety, and quality production of their products. They understand the aspects related to logistics and distribution, HACCP control and Total Productive Management (TPM).

These roles provide many career opportunities for the right individuals with the right expertise. The Executive Wing is proud to help businesses fill these positions in the food and beverage industry.


Aerospace companies are always looking for new talent to take on leadership positions in their organizations.

They want individuals who are innovative and can collaborate with all of their team members. These unique skills distinguish our candidate pool and provide consistent results to our clients.


The Executive Wing works closely with clients in the fabrication industry. These companies need skilled leaders, engineers, welders, machinists, estimators, designers, PLC programmers, millwrights, electricians, toolmakers and moldmakers to oversee their operations. Candidates must have the vision required to build the equipment that becomes integral to any manufacturing processes.

Technology & Software

No industry is evolving as quickly as technology and software. This places a greater demand on companies who want to find innovative executives to keep them on the cutting edge of technology.

The skills required have evolved alongside the changes in technology. Candidates must be able to compete against highly skilled and agile competitors to succeed in the marketplace.

Energy & Oil

Our clients in the energy and oil industry need to expand their capabilities and find individuals who can provide creative solutions to meet their needs.

Candidates with engineering, geoscience, and finance skills can be hard to find. The Executive Wing has extensive industry relationships that help us identify the best candidates for energy and oil positions.

Our clients have come to appreciate the quality service we provide. We are a global executive search firm that is proud to serve the industries that drive the world economy.


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