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Excellent Resources

State of the art technology, an extensive data base, the most current industry intelligence, exceptional contacts and network, international affiliations and our activity in industry associations, plus our qualified researchers and comprehensive profiling afford us the ability to systematically, intelligently and quickly identify the best candidates.

Excellent Service

Our business is finding the best qualified individuals to suit your requirements. Quality of service in providing the very best candidates is our prime concern. Building a long term relationship with you is our goal.

Excellent Efficiencies

Our dedicated search process identifies and qualifies all potential candidates through exhaustive market research providing you with the assurance that you are making your selection from the very best candidates available. Our flexibility and team approach allows us to accomplish this important task with significant time and cost efficiencies.

Excellent Guarantees

We guarantee that we will present you with the very best candidates available. We guarantee an exceptional level of service. We guarantee confidentiality. We guarantee the candidate hire against potential fall off, for a period well beyond double the industry norm, and we guarantee the price.

Excellent Price

The Executive Wing’s services are available on either a contingency OR on a retained OR a fixed fee basis, as a percentage of total compensation or to a predefined budget. Our retained work is structured to avoid any conflict of interest and to ensure the highest degree of service, independence and objectivity. As a result, the best candidates and most appropriate compensation packages are recommended. With a fixed fee solution, you will know from the outset what the search will cost you. As our fee structures are flexible to the fair value of service and are agreed upon in advance, there is complete client assurance that success and costs will be in alignment…whatever the project.

It only takes one assignment with The Executive Wing to appreciate the professional effort we employ to provide flexible recruitment solutions, excellent value and timely service.

Search Process

Our dedicated search process delivers excellent candidates within your timelines.

While across the industry, the standard search process takes 2 – 4 months to complete, The Executive Wing’s track record of remarkably rapid short list delivery has been accomplished through our collective direct industry experience, research capabilities and comprehensive resources, state of-the-art technology, exceptional candidate relationships and sense of urgency in responding to our clients needs.

The Executive Wing identifies and qualifies all potential candidates through exhaustive market research. Targeted and strategic identification of industry leaders within this potential candidate pool provides you with the assurance that you are making your selection from the very best candidates available.

Our search process includes 5 critical components:

  • Gleaning a comprehensive understanding of our client and the position
  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Recruiting, interviewing and screening candidates
  • Developing client interview strategy and debriefing
  • Managing the offer, closing and follow-up

The Executive Wing does not view candidate acceptance of an employment offer as the end of our professional obligation to our client. We know that a new hire has an impact and creates change in your organization. We monitor progress on the acclimatization of the new hire and share any candidate concerns with you.

We understand our client organization and the requirements of the position to be filled. We understand the chemistry, fit, and the unique characteristics our client wants in an ideal candidate.

Fees and Guarantees


Our fee structure is flexible and customized to the search. Our standard contingency rate is .25 of starting salary. Our fixed fee minimum is $10,000. Retained searches require a contract and a deposit typically representing one third of the total fee paid to The Executive Wing upon commencement of the search. The balance of the total fee is paid according to the contract or at the completion of the search, whichever comes first.

The Executive Wing can also provide Executive Search Services on the following basis:

  • A fixed monthly retainer applied against a fee
  • A fixed monthly retainer
  • A fixed monthly retainer with a negotiated performance bonus
  • Multiple assignment pricing

Additional value added services available include:

  • Image studies
  • Wage/salary/benefits surveys
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Career development counseling
  • Job analysis & Descriptions
  • Candidate/employee assessment reports
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Human resource strategic planning
  • Compensation advice
  • Organizational & restructuring advice
  • Selection process design
  • Interview skills training


We take pride in our work and stand by our results, as is evidenced by our PartnershipGuarantee:

  • We guarantee that a Principal will give your critical search assignment personal service and attention throughout the entire process.
  • We guarantee that we will present you with the very best available talent in the marketplace.
  • We guarantee to replace a retained search candidate who may leave your employ within the first 12 months – for whatever reason (provided that all contractual obligations have been met). We guarantee a contingency search candidate for up to 6 months and we guarantee flat fee candidates for up to 3 months or as negotiated.
  • We guarantee total confidentiality from all employees and associates of The Executive Wing.
  • We guarantee to adhere to our strict policy of excluding any client organization from those we target in our search for executive expertise.
  • We guarantee that we will not accept any assignments from your direct competitors, without your consent, while we are engaged with you on a retained basis.
  • We guarantee that the quoted fixed search fee will not be exceeded even if the candidate’s remuneration is higher than estimated.

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