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The Executive Wing is a global executive search firm that specializes in providing businesses with highly skilled C-suite executives who can contribute to their long-term growth and success.

C-suite positions are often the most difficult to fill. They carry a high level of responsibility and require virtuoso levels of leadership and strategic decision-making. Using a professional executive search firm like The Executive Wing makes it easy for your organization to identify, screen, select and hire the best of the best Industry Leaders to meet your business objectives.

C-suite positions include senior positions such as chief executive officer (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO). These are top-level positions that require many demands to be met on a consistent basis, and any qualified individuals must be able to meet these demands and oversee multiple teams within their organization.

The skills of C-suite executives have evolved and now require such abilities as team-building and the management of changes both inside and outside of the organization.

Today’s successful businesses need leaders who have experience in a variety of industry settings and are able to create and lead integrated teams. High performing C-suite executives have obtained advanced degrees along with a diverse professional and personal experience and have to be knowledgeable about the different sectors and functions related to your business.

Candidates for C-suite positions have developed strong reputations within their industries along with the respect of their professional peers. Our industry relationships have made it possible to identify the individuals who are qualified to meet the needs of your business. These candidates need the leadership skills and industry expertise that allows them to lead high-performance teams. This outweighs the need for technical and functional knowledge that, although important, this knowledge must be accompanied by a broader skill set that allows a greater degree of adaptability.

In order to find the right candidates for your C-suite positions, we find the leaders in your industry. These are the individuals who have spoken at conferences, participated in industry boards and panels, and attend important industry events each year.

Technology continues to dominate practically every industry from manufacturing to food and beverage. C-suite executives need to have a full understanding of the latest technology and its effects on your business and the industry as a whole.

Their skills must cover a broad range of areas including technology, finance, and legal considerations. Executives who can bring these and other skills into an organization are in high demand with more and more businesses seeking leaders who can drive change within their organizations.

These leaders must be able to optimize operations, enhance the existing systems, and create new ones for improved productivity and efficiency.

The Executive Wing works with you to identify all of the potential candidates who can meet these needs. We use comprehensive market research coupled with the latest search technology to find your next C-suite executive quickly.

We’ve developed a highly qualified candidate pool to give you the confidence in knowing that you’ve made the right choice for your company. We guide you through the recruitment, interview, and screening of all candidates and help you develop the strategies to ensure that you make the right selection, and manage the offer, closing, and follow-up processes while monitoring your new hire to ensure that they integrate easily into your organization.


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