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Automotive companies use The Executive Wing’s search services to identify and hire the best candidates within the industry. This is our wheelhouse.

Our dedicated search process allows us to attract, recruit, and place the most qualified individuals who are ready to take your organization to the next level of success. We’ve developed a candidate pool that offers only the most talented individuals from a wide range of industries with directly related process and business expertise.

The Executive Wing is an executive search firm specializing in providing qualified candidates to businesses across a wide range of industries. We guide you through the entire process to ensure that you make the right choice from our highly-skilled candidate pool.

Automotive companies face a growing set of needs that must be met in order to compete in today’s marketplace. New technologies are being rapidly implemented into the manufacturing process, which includes hybrid and electric automobiles, advanced safety, and new battery technologies. This has led to a greater demand for talented individuals with the knowledge and experience to work within this evolving industry. Automobile manufacturing now requires candidates with specialized backgrounds in engineering, tooling, TS16949, ERP/SAP, TPS and LEAN to name a few of hundreds of industry standard requirements. This has transformed the modern-day automotive manufacturing team, but finding qualified candidates for your automotive company can be challenging. The greater demand for skilled employees has led to increased competition in hiring the best talent for your business.

Many automotive manufacturers are realizing that they don’t have enough qualified employees to meet industry demands. They now seek candidates who have advanced degrees in engineering with an emphasis on automotive technologies, which is a direct result of the increasing complexity and sophistication of today’s automobiles and their component systems. All automotive professionals we represent are well schooled in LEAN Manufacturing methodologies and are committed to Continuous Improvement.

The Executive Wing leverages its industry relationships to identify the leaders with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, materials and industrial process engineering. We ensure that the candidates we provide have the necessary background experience in software and other technologies. They must be able to adapt to the changing industry and work in teams that specialize in multiple disciplines. Skills related to collaboration and leadership are essential to working in the automotive sector.

Today’s automotive manufacturers must rely on global executive search firms like The Executive Wing to find the best employees for their teams. Without our research capabilities and hiring strategies, it can be difficult to find the right people you need who have the technology and science skills that are required to succeed in today’s manufacturing sectors.

Automotive manufacturers are also working in a globalized economy. This increases competition at the international level and has transformed the work environment. Companies understand the value of hiring top-level talent to ensure that they continue to thrive in an evolving market. These companies rely on the most advanced computer modeling, precision manufacturing equipment, and other advanced tools that are now indispensable to automotive parts and assembly plants.

We have an extensive database that is at the core of our executive search services. Our research and profiling capabilities allow us to identify the best candidates for your company quickly and efficiently.

Our services are guaranteed to provide the best candidates alongside our exceptional service. The Executive Wing is your first step to growing a thriving and successful automotive manufacturing team!


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