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The Executive Wing is a global executive search firm serving a wide range of industries. We search, recruit, and place highly skilled candidates for your business to continue meeting its objectives and achieve long-term growth.

The medical devices industry has unique needs that must be addressed when hiring new employees. We focus on developing a deep understanding of your business and the position you’re seeking to fill. Knowing what skills and qualities are needed to succeed within your organization allows you to leverage our network of qualified candidates. The industry relationships we’ve developed, along with our proven track record, have resulted in one of the most consistent candidate pools that businesses can use to grow their organizations.

The Executive Wing helps your business attract and retain the individuals who can effectively integrate into your company and make a big impact on its future. These individuals must have the skills to work among the different departments that exist in a medical devices company.

As the demand for higher quality healthcare continues to increase, so do the opportunities for long-term growth in the medical devices industry. Having the right candidates to meet these demands is critical to your success.

Medical device companies face a number of challenges. They must address unpredictable changes related to regulations along with industry competition and ensuring the safety of their products. In order to maximize profit margins and growth, you need qualified candidates who can adapt quickly to these changes.

As a result, today’s medical device manufacturers are looking for employees with the skills and expertise to give the entire organization a leading edge in the industry. This is critical to your growth over time and your ability to innovate your products.

Candidates must possess leadership, management, and technical skills in order to succeed in the medical industry. The Executive Wing’s candidate pool provides you with individuals who can move your business forward. Our executive search services are built around the complexities that are inherent in the medical devices industry.

We understand the technological changes that are always occurring within the industry, and we are able to provide the candidates who are qualified to navigate these changes. We identify the individuals that can take on leadership roles and provide creative solutions for your needs.

Your employees must have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in developing imaging equipment, artificial heart valves, knee and joint implants, and a wide range of other devices.

New technologies such as microelectronics, software, and biotechnology are all becoming standard elements of the manufacturing process. Finding the individuals with an understanding of these technologies is becoming more difficult with time.

Health care reform and new health markets create an ever-changing market that requires only the best individuals for your team.

The Executive Wing guides you through the recruitment, interviewing, and screening process. We help you manage your offer and provide the follow-up needed to ensure that you’ve made the right choice. We guide you through the entire process and provide the resources you need for becoming a leader in your industry.


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