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The food and beverage industry is major part of our practice. It relies on a wide range of technologies, production systems, HACCP controls and product development expertise. The Executive Wing provides skilled candidates for food and beverage producing companies looking to grow their teams and take their businesses to the next level.

We recognize the many career opportunities that exist in the food and beverage industry, and we remain the leading executive recruiting company specializing in this industry and have a proven track record in providing talented candidates for businesses like yours.

The Executive Wing pools the skilled professionals with experience in the product development, processing, packaging and marketing aspects of the food and beverage industry. Our clients consist of a diverse group of businesses that produce and supply food products to the world.

The industry continues to expand as new products are developed and consumer behaviours evolve over time. Candidates must be able to work in an ever-changing environment and adapt to new demands and challenges. One of the biggest of these challenges for food and beverage manufacturers is acquiring leaders within their organizations. They need individuals who have a diverse set of skills and experience in food and beverage production and distribution.

There’s a wide range of responsibilities that are integral to the food manufacturing process. These include development, quality control, product safety, compliance with regulations, and distribution. As a result, there are many opportunities for candidates to begin a career in food and beverages, which makes it easy for your business to acquire dedicated professionals. Manufacturing directors, senior engineers, and chief operating officers are just a few of the many positions available in this growing industry.

Candidates must have the knowledge and experience in related industries in order to provide the greatest benefits to your business. They must be familiar with aspects related to agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, marketing, and regulations.

Research and development skills are vital to the food and beverage industry, as well as an understanding of the financial aspects related to production and distribution.

Many new technologies are taking over the food production processes. Biotechnology is fueling much of the changes that are occurring in the industry, and businesses must be able to understand and leverage processing, agrochemical, and plant breeding technologies.

In addition, computer technology is playing a major role in food and beverage manufacturing. Employees must be able to use software and computer networks within your organization so that your company has a leading edge over its competitors.

Your food and beverage company needs to have the right people to move your organization to a greater level of success. This requires team members who can manage the changes in regulations and consumer needs. They must be conscious of the trends that are occurring and be able to respond accordingly.

The Executive Wing’s employment recruiting services are designed to help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. We reduce the costs associated with hiring new team members and help you find long-term employees who can play a strategic role in your growth.

We have a diverse network of industry professionals at our fingertips and and have become a true leader in executive search for the food and beverage industry.


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