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Why should I use TEW?

The short answer is that you want the best. At TEW you always work with a Principal. Our least experienced Principal has over 20 years of manufacturing search experience! That means you can be assured of process quality and the most effective and efficient results possible for any given assignment. We have access to a highly qualified pool of candidates curated continuously since our inception. We actively headhunt for every single role. We leave no stone unturned. We accept projects for in-demand and highly specialized roles and our track record of success is the envy of the industry.

How much do you charge?

Contingency Search: We charge nothing at all until you make a hiring decision. The risk of failure rests entirely with us, so we simply do not fail. Once the new hire starts we invoice for a predetermined percentage of first year salary and we are open to a predetermined fee cap under the right conditions. Our fees are extremely competitive within our industry and, we believe, truly reflect the inherent value behind our search process and approach.

Retained Search: We mutually agree to a full contractual commitment. This is the way to go for a search that would make or break your company’s year.

What sort of candidates do you typically represent?

Companies come to us to help find candidates for hard-to-hire and in-demand technical, sales, quality, and executive level management. We are often asked to fill roles at various levels of finance, supply chain and HR.

We place entry level candidates all the way up to C-level execs, although our sweet spot is in the five to fifteen years of experience range. We’ll be expanding into new industries and job categories in the future, and hope to ultimately be the place all knowledge workers go to find a job they love.

Where do you get all your candidates from?

We attract candidates through a combination of word-of-mouth, paid and viral marketing and our referral program. We also focus our launches in your city where we have a critical mass of candidates and companies to source from so we can ensure you get your money’s worth.

Can I contact candidates you send directly?

No. If you have questions about a candidate’s background, work history, experience, etc., please use our skillset in providing specifically requested information and in setting up interviews.

Will you send me candidates as you identify them or only after screening them all?

We can go either way on this depending on your preference. Most clients want to see the process in action straight away and so we end up sending resumes and interview notes as soon as we identify and qualify a good prospect. Timeliness is important to you and to us as well.

What are the business metrics I can improve by using TEW?

It really does make good business sense to absorb a reasonable cost in pursuit of exceptionally good people. As your strategic partner in this mission we have noted the following consistently up-ticking KPIs:

  • Reduced turnover and training costs caused by ineffective new hires.
  • Improved attraction rates among the best available talent in the marketplace.
  • Reduced time and resources lost to prolonged position vacancies.
  • Productivity improvement for frustrated HR staff without access to our professional resources and expertise.
  • Improved morale for overworked departments knowing help is on the way.
How long will the recruitment process take to complete?

While every project has its own unique circumstances, such as position- or industry-specific parameters, and economic or timing factors, we are pleased to state that for assignments up to a middle-management level, our time-to-fill ratio is currently 20-35 days, or less. Of course, for more senior assignments the process can take longer.

Can I deal with more than one recruiter on a project?

Yes, of course. How many recruiters are engaged is completely at your discretion. While some assignments merit an exclusive retainer or engagement fee approach, many more are undertaken on contingency, with no fees being payable until our referral begins new employment. Open and honest discussion usually gets to the heart of this question.

How do you evaluate and assess your candidates?

Through in-depth behavioral based interview techniques, we are able to develop useful predictors of someone’s future response. Although, it is only in properly understanding your organization, culture, management style, and of course, position parameters that we can determine an appropriate match. Referrals are only determined after identifying a strong fit with, and desire to join, your team. Our experience counts most in this area!


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