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The Executive Wing offers comprehensive search and recruitment services for today’s global businesses and we specialize in a wide range of industries including the aerospace sector.

We have extensive experience in the industries we serve and have built the long-term relationships that allow us to provide the best candidates for your organization. This has resulted in a network that makes it easy for you to find the best candidates.

We qualify and screen highly skilled candidates that will provide a positive impact on the performance of your aerospace team. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise in precision CNC machining and assembly to meet all the needs and challenges of the aerospace industry.

We conduct strategic searches and interviews to identify the next leaders for your organization. Many of our clients use The Executive Wing to guide them through the entire search and hiring process. We help them implement coaching, development, and career planning for their new employees.

Aerospace companies develop aircraft and other equipment related to the military and commercial sectors. This places a high demand on finding the best candidates who are committed to the long-term goals and missions of your organization and are compliant with regulatory demands.

These companies must constantly face a changing industry landscape. They must address changing budgets, global and economic instability, market behaviours, and industry competition. As a result, they need leaders who have the skills and flexibility to adapt to these changes while improving performance over time.

In addition, new technologies are always being implemented in aerospace designs. Your team members must have the ability to work within these new technologies and adopt new strategies for success.

Innovation and collaboration are critical to a successful aerospace company. They have highly technical and complex operations that require a firm understanding in engineering and other disciplines. The Executive Wing’s executive search services help you meet the needs of your aerospace business. Our Principals and Associates have helped many aerospace leaders identify new talent and implement strategies for their future growth.

We make sure that you choose the best candidates who are committed to the success of your team. We understand the needs of the aerospace industry and bring our extensive experience and expertise in helping you identify the leaders within the aerospace.

Our team has an extensive background in senior management and come from a variety of industries. This gives us a unique insight into the needs of each business in their quest to become industry leaders. This has led to our proven track record in helping aerospace businesses build powerful teams that fuel their continuous improvement plans and growth.

We bring more than 55 years of experience in executive search services to all of our clients. Our industry relationships have created an effective network of companies and candidates that you can leverage for your own success.

We help aerospace companies move forward through each phase of the interviewing, screening, and hiring process. We monitor each new hire to determine if they are the right fit for your business. You’ll have the resources you need to address all of your concerns and answer any of your questions.


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