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The Executive Wing works with Industrial/OEM companies to help them find the candidates they need to grow their businesses.

Industrial/OEM industries have unique needs that require specific skill sets from employees. In order to achieve long-term success and growth, you need to recruit the ideal candidates, but finding the right employees isn’t always easy, and industry changes have created a higher demand for skilled employees. This makes it difficult for you to find the best candidates on your own.

Although many professional job recruiters exist in today’s marketplace, few have a true understanding of the Industrial/OEM manufacturing industry. They don’t understand the demands placed on a company and the skill sets required to fulfill specific roles.

The Executive Wing has developed strong relationships within a wide range of industries and global companies. We provide you with the employees who are the right fit for your organization while creating career opportunities for those candidates. Relationships are the core of the service we provide to our clients.

This has resulted in an extensive network of highly-skilled and talented candidates. This candidate pool is leveraged by businesses like yours to reduce the costs associated with hiring new employees and maximize the return on your investment.

Industrial/OEM companies manufacture a variety of parts that are used and marketed by other companies in different industries. This requires a more integrative understanding of manufacturing for a diverse marketplace.

Manufacturers need to hire individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable in the manufacturing and distribution processes and must ensure that any proprietary information is protected. This requires high-level management skills in addition to the technical expertise needed to succeed in today’s Industrial/OEM marketplace.

Industrial/OEM manufacturers have an urgent need to attract and retain individuals who can step into leadership positions and adapt to a constantly changing environment. Businesses that find themselves having to cut costs rely even more on having highly talented and adaptable team members.

They require individuals with complex skill sets that help create a foundation for the growth of their companies. They must be committed to continuous improvement and the long-term objectives of the entire organization. Our Executive Wing team guides you through the entire process as you search for qualified candidates. Industrial/OEM companies must implement a strategic search, development, and integration process. By providing a strong candidate pool for you to choose from, we make it easy for your business to attain new talent.

Other executive recruiting companies often require up to 4 months to complete the process, but our dedicated search and LEAN placement processes are geared towards completing your next hire quickly and cost-efficiently.

Industrial/OEM team members must have the vision, growth capabilities, versatility, and risk management skills to provide your company with the expertise it needs. We identify the candidates that can meet the challenges of the Industrial/OEM industries.

The Executive Wing helps you identify the talented individuals who exceed the expectations of your organization. Our dedicated search process attracts, develops, and helps you retain the next leaders for your company.


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