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When you are looking to fill a vacant position in your organisation, working with The Executive Wings gives you the confidence that you are working with recruitment experts who comprehend not only the needs of your business, but also the unique challenges and demands of your industry.

Our professional recruitment agents go to work to find you the right candidates at every level of just about every sector. By combining our sector-specific expertise with national reach, we position ourselves to source the top candidates in your industry.

Our industries of specialisation include:

General Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector is growing increasingly competitive on a global scale. We understand the need to enhance efficiencies both commercially and operationally in this industry, and can help you find the right candidate for your job needs, from project management to high-level production.

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing: Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are the core of the manufacturing economy. Although the landscape of the sector has changed, consumers still expect faster, better, and cost effective product delivery. From research to development to production, you need a candidate with a unique skill set to fit in this expanding and evolving industry.

Automotive Parts and OEM: A sound transportation system is critical for the continuity of the country’s fast industrial and economic development. You can even say that the automotive industry is driving our economy. We can help auto parts suppliers find the candidate who understands the drastic changes taking place in this sector globally to help you achieve your bottom line.

Health and Wellness: With years of experience in recruiting in the health and wellness sector, we have the capacity to provide you with qualified and highly experienced health specialists and professionals for contractual, long-term, or permanent work.

Pharmaceutical: The pharmaceutical industry has come up as one of the critical pillars of industrial revolutions, and has continued to exert its dominance in the international market. This industry needs the support of skilled industry professionals to handle existing and new job roles, and also guide the sector to new heights. We can help you find the right candidate.

Retail and Hospitality: The industry itself is immense and far-reaching, and with the rapid growth of the international economy has experienced remarkable growth in the number of opportunities for both new entrants and experienced players. We have extensive experience in identifying and placing quality candidates in retail and hospitality to place you in a competitive position.

Telecommunications: Looking for someone to provide oversight for your big infrastructure projects? We can help operators in the telecommunications industry by providing comprehensive recruitment, training, and managed workforce solutions. You need candidates with proven specialist skills, such as AutoCAD design and program/project management, and we can help you get them to work with you.

Financial and Professional Services: This sector has come up as one of the key industries in need of high intellect to facilitate its rapid growth. As renowned executive recruiters, we have the expertise to identify and place high calibre finance professionals at even the board level for either contractual or permanent basis.

Information Technology: We also offer recruitment solutions for IT professionals, giving you vast exposure and access to different IT specialists, from field engineers to IT managers.

Entertainment and News Services: The entertainment and News industries have changed a lot in the last 10 years. The internet, social networking, and mobile capability have changed the way people consume information, leading to the development of entirely new platforms and sectors. You need professionals who can develop and execute strategies to help you keep up with a fast-changing audience. We can get you those candidates.

Publishing and Broadcasting: In our years of experience, we have made placements with both digital and traditional media companies across multiple disciplines, from corporate communications to research and development to programming and production. We can help you find the right candidate for your company culture.

Marketing and Communications: From creating consumer awareness to building your brand reputation to facilitating repeat business, the objectives of marketing remain the same. Yet, the means to achieve these objectives are changing. Marketing has become more complex, and we can help you fill any gaps in your organisation, from communication adviser to chief marketing officer to head of marketing.

New Media: We have a highly specialised team that fully understands the nuances of this rapidly-evolving discipline, and the problems faced by our clients in attracting and retaining the right talent. We can help you attract and maintain leaders who can deliver value and open doors to emerging opportunities for your business.

Public and Nonprofit Sectors: This sector demands leadership that can offer innovative approaches and fresh ideas to help revolutionise the standards of service delivery. The right candidate should be familiar with technological innovation, diversity, public/private partnerships, and so much more. We can help you find the strong leadership that you need.

At the Executive Wing, we apply a process and formula that has been developed and honed for years, and with consistent results. Our placements deliver exceptional results, and have a solid record of longevity and achievement within their organisations. You can be our next success story.


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