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The Executive Wing is a premier executive search firm serving today’s global marketplace. Our services are built upon the needs of today’s evolving economy and our philosophy is centered on providing unique market-driven strategies that help you find the best candidates for your team.

We are proud to be recognized for the service and results we have provided to businesses throughout Canada and the rest of the world. Our executive recruitment services provide tremendous value to our clients as a result of our dedicated search process and innovation in sourcing and qualifying leaders of many industries.

The Executive Wing has developed strong industry networks as a result of our global reach and industry expertise. We have developed the relationships that have created a unique and top-level candidate pool for businesses like yours to choose from. Principals of The Executive Wing have completed more than 2000 searches spanning Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Mexico since our founding in 2008.

Our commitment to service, confidentiality, and success in finding the right fit for your business has raised the bar in the executive search industry and made us one of the leading employment recruitment agencies in the world. We understand the unique needs of each business and the roles they’re seeking to fill, so we always take into consideration the business objectives, culture, and skills that make up a successful global organization.

Our process leads to exceptional results for all of our clients as we help them screen, interview, and hire new employees with minimal cost and disruption to their operations. Our priorities lie in providing the very best results to our clients by providing an accessible talent pool that is much more comprehensive than that of other search firms.

Every candidate search is performed with the goal of creating long-term industry relationships in mind. This has led more than 70 percent of our clients to repeatedly use our services with the confidence of knowing they will get the best results possible for their businesses.

Our candidates consist of professionals and industry leaders who are committed to your company’s success. They are the most valuable asset you can invest in, and The Executive Wing ensures that you maximize the return on that investment.

Our industry expertise is a result of having the Principals and Associates who have held senior management positions in today’s global businesses. Our insight and relationships cover a broad range of industries:

  • General Manufacturing
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing
  • Automotive Parts and OEM
  • Health and Wellness
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Entertainment and News Services
  • Publishing and Broadcasting
  • Marketing and Communications
  • New Media
  • Public and Nonprofit Sectors

The Executive Wing team has extensive experience in marketing the opportunities within your company to the skilled candidates you need for success. We provide the strategies required to build high-performance teams that will take your business to the next level.

Our Principals combine more than 55 years of experience and expertise in the executive search industry. Our resources and extensive network have made us the leader in executive search services. We understand the industries we serve, and we work to build the relationships that you can leverage to grow your business.


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State of the art technology, an extensive data base, the most current industry intelligence, exceptional contacts and network, international affiliations and our activity in industry associations, plus our qualified researchers and comprehensive profiling afford us the ability to systematically, intelligently and quickly identify the best candidates.

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The short answer is that you want the best. At TEW you always work with a Principal. Our least experienced Principal has over 20 years of manufacturing search experience! That means you can be assured of process quality and the most effective and efficient results possible for any given assignment. View All