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The Executive Wing is a global executive search firm that provides recruitment services for manufacturing and other industries. We’ve developed industry relationships that have led to the creation of a highly skilled candidate pool for your business to choose from.

All industries are seeing tremendous change alongside the technological advances that have fueled innovation and transformed how individuals work. The most successful businesses look for and hire individuals who have the skills and adaptability to solve problems and contribute to your company’s long-term growth and success.

The Executive Wing’s employment recruiting services are focused on providing quality service and the strategies you need throughout the entire hiring process. This ensures that you make the right choice for your business objectives.

Despite what many believe, the number of manufacturing jobs is increasing around the world. The biggest challenges that today’s manufacturing companies face is to compete for qualified candidates to fill the key positions in their organizations.

The manufacturing workplace has evolved. Previously, employees with a limited education could fulfill many of the tasks related to manufacturing. Today, these jobs have come to rely more on technology, which demands a more advanced skill set among employees. Your manufacturing business needs employees who have computer and technology skills, can manage a variety of roles and responsibilities, and be familiar with all of the processes involved in the industry.

Manufacturing companies are also facing a limited number of younger candidates. Many young graduates have a bias against manufacturing positions based on an outdated perception of what these jobs require.

The candidates we attract and recruit for your business understand that manufacturing is an advanced industry with a wide range of career opportunities. These are the candidates you want on your team, and The Executive Wing makes it easy for you to find them.

Today’s aging workforce is also adding to the demand for young and talented employees. Older employees have been observed to be leaving the workforce faster than they can be replaced. As a business, you need to reconsider your candidate pool so that you’re choosing from the best candidates possible. Today’s manufacturing businesses must be more creative at attracting and hiring these candidates.

The Executive Wing develops the strategies to guide you through the entire hiring process. This includes qualifying, screening, and interviewing new candidates. We monitor the entire process and help you manage the final selection, offer and closing stages.

Strong industry alliances are critical to recruiting top-level performers, but not all businesses have these alliances in place. We’ve developed long-term relationships with our clients and the candidates we provide them. This gives us a unique insight into the needs and demands of your industry.

Our dedicated search process is built on exhaustive market research, the latest technology, and the ability to target and identify leaders within your industry.

We conduct the in-depth research to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients. We understand the impact that every new employee has on your business and make sure that you have made the right choice for future success.


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State of the art technology, an extensive data base, the most current industry intelligence, exceptional contacts and network, international affiliations and our activity in industry associations, plus our qualified researchers and comprehensive profiling afford us the ability to systematically, intelligently and quickly identify the best candidates.

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