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What happens if I receive the same candidate twice?

Believe it or not this happens! One of the complications of working with multiple recruiters is that someone could be submitted or presented from more than one source. Should this occur, acknowledging the recruiter who brought the individual to your attention first is considered the professional course of action.

What happens if your placement leaves?

As your strategic search partner, we provide our clients with a guarantee on every placement. This ensures you receive maximum protection in case a hiring decision could have benefited from more hindsight. However, terminations arising from work shortage, layoff, employer/employee relocation, and material change in job description or direct management are not covered under this guarantee policy unless specified otherwise.

Any advice for recruiting successfully?

Almost every candidate we submit will be hirable. It may seem improbable but it is in fact true. We won’t waste your time or ours representing the wrong people for your job. Timeliness is an important variable in the search cycle. Once you’re engaged with a good candidate, our biggest piece of advice is to move quickly. Make a decision. If it turns out to be the wrong decision you can count on us to replace that candidate as provided by our guarantee. The longer you wait, the more companies and offers you’re going to be competing against. In a hot market you should always move as quickly as the candidate is comfortable with.

Any last words?

Yes. Pay your bills on time. We do. You should too.


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