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Hiring the best people has become more critical in today’s economy than ever before. Even large corporations can’t afford to lose money, time, and results from a wrong hiring decision. This is where The Executive Wing comes in – connecting businesses in Scarborough with the right talent in the region.

City of Scarborough Demographics

The district of Scarborough was previously a municipality in eastern Toronto, Ontario. Situated north of Lake Ontario and east of Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough has a long history dating back two centuries when it was just a gathering of small rural cities.

Today, Scarborough is a huge city with a population of 626,000 according to the 2011 Census. It boasts a highly diverse cultural community, owing to the fact that it draws a lot of new immigrants to Canada and the GTA. In fact, over 57 percent of the population was foreign-born as follows: 22 percent South Asian; 19.5 percent Chinese; 10.3 African Canadian; and 6.5 percent Filipino. Each of the other groups constitute less than 2 percent of Scarborough residents.

The majority of Scarborough residents (52 percent) are aged between 25 and 64 years, with more of them aged over 55 since this is a popular retirement destination. Actually, 45 – 54 make up 18.3 percent and 25-34 make up 7.5 percent. Companies can benefit from such an experienced workforce, while those looking to employ younger people can recruit graduates from the University of Toronto and Centennial College.


As a former borough of what used to be Metropolitan Toronto, Scarborough’s economy is still an integral part of Toronto’s economy. The industry is similar to that of Toronto, though Scarborough’s manufacturing sector is much larger, while technical, professional, and scientific services are lower.

The major industry employers are:

  • Services – 46 percent
  • Retail trade – 16 percent
  • Finance/real estate/insurance – 15 percent
  • Manufacturing – 7.6 percent
  • Transportation/utilities – 4 percent
  • Construction – 3.1 percent
  • Public administration – 2.6 percent
  • Information 1.9 percent
  • Agriculture/mining – 0.6 percent

From the industry information, it is apparent that about 73 percent of the population has a white collar job in management, administrative support, sales, and other professionals. Residents in the service sector make up about 16 percent of the employed, while blue collar workers make up 10.7 percent of the employed.

The major employers are Toyota Canada Inc., Teva Canada, Bell Media, Cinram, SKF, Yellow Pages Group, Aviva, President’s Choice Financial, Telus, Alfa Laval, Royal Doulton, and Lee Kum Kee Canada, among others.

How much can a manager expect to earn working in Scarborough?

The median household income in Scarborough was about $81,000 in 2014, though 40 percent of the population had a household income of over $100,000. Those working in managerial positions can earn about $75,000. Marketing managers, for instance, earn about $79,000.

Finding the right skills for open positions in your organisation can make the difference between wasting time, money, and results, and flourishing in Scarborough’s vibrant business environment. What you need to do is partner with a company that has the right resources to find and recruit the necessary talent for you. The Executive Wing can be the resource you need to make your business thrive in Scarborough.


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