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Finding top talent has never been an easy endeavour for either new or existing businesses. Some of the best talent is already working for your rivals in Oshawa, Ontario. But the city still has a lot of skilled talent to offer considering that it welcomes thousands of bright minded full-time students every year, and a similar number joins the workforce at the same time.

From the university of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to Durham College to Trent University Durham, there is no shortage of quality education in Oshawa. These institutions also have a reputation of having great research facilities, which is why graduates are competitively sought by top companies. With the help of The Executive Wing, we can help you find the right talent to help you maintain your profitability or grow your business in Oshawa.


The city of Oshawa has the highest population in the Durham Region. It continues to experience massive growth year after year, and is actually one of the fastest growing areas of the GTA. The 2011 census showed the city’s population at 149,607, and is expected to be over 176,000 by 2025.

Oshawa’s population continues to diversify as it welcomes newcomers, international businesses, and foreign students each year. The average age of people in Oshawa is 35.8 years compared to 37.6 years for the whole of Canada. This indicates that the city has a substantial youthful labour force, with many looking to work and raise a family here.


Considered the eastern anchor of the GTA, Oshawa is located in Southern Ontario, on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, with Downtown Toronto 60 km to the west. The City of Oshawa is Durham Region’s hub for business, education, transportation, and entertainment, with great access to markets in the GTA and eastern Ontario.

With great talent, value, and access, Oshawa’s origins are linked to the automobile industry, and more specifically General Motors Canada, which was founded in 1876. Back then, it was known as the McLaughlin Carriage Company. The auto industry made the city very popular, and was often referred to as the sole “Automotive Capital of Canada.” Today, the city has a lot more to offer.

Businesses in Oshawa enjoy a well connected and integrated transportation system that offers a range of transportation systems – rail, roads, air, seaway, and commuter services. With the availability of multiple modes of transportation, both passengers and cargo can conveniently access North American and global markets. In addition, Oshawa attracts lots of investors due to its affordable real estate, development incentives, and business-friendly services.

How much can a manager expect to earn working in Oshawa?

Managers in the city of Oshawa generally make$60,000, with the median salary for office managers being the lowest at$48,000. The median salary for Operations Managers is$65,000.

When it comes to finding the right talent for your enterprise in Oshawa, you just need to tap into the right resources that will help you access skilled professionals, from job fairs, candidate pre-screening, links, to training cost incentives and specialised training. The Executive Wing can be the resource you need to make your business thrive in Oshawa.


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