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The Executive Wing serves Kitchener–Waterloo businesses by providing highly-skilled top-level candidates for their organizations. New employees create a profound impact on your business, and it’s essential to your long-term success that you find the ideal candidates during the hiring process.

The Kitchener–Waterloo area is one of the largest metropolitan sectors in Ontario. It’s also the tenth-largest area in Canada, which makes it a hub for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Kitchener–Waterloo’s economy is based on the manufacturing, service, and technology sectors. It is a diversified market that includes businesses related to finance, media, and insurance.

The Executive Wing is a global executive search firm that finds the best candidates for your business. It’s our goal to help your organization achieve a higher level of success by offering the skilled employees you need to meet your business needs.

We have a long-standing relationship within local industries, which has allowed us to build a strong network of Principals and Associates for you to choose from. We understand that each business has unique requirements and considerations, which allows us to offer only the most qualified candidates for a given position. We combine this with our dedicated search process, which ensures that all candidates are qualified to meet your requirements.

The Executive Wing makes sure that your business is choosing candidates from the best available sources. We prioritize the cost-effectiveness and speed in completing this process. We’re proud to extend our guarantee of quality service, cost, and confidentiality. We use the latest technology and resources to deliver top-level candidates to your organization.

Employment recruiting services can typically take up to 4 months to process, but The Executive Wing provides a faster leaner placement process that reduces the cost of interviewing and hiring new employees. This reduces any disruption to your operations and ensures that your new hire is the right fit.

Our executive search services are geared towards identifying the leaders within the industries in Toronto and throughout the country. This creates a valuable resource pool for your organization and considers all of your business objectives.

The Executive Wing takes the time to fully understand the positions you’re seeking to fill. Our comprehensive research process helps you screen and interview all potential recruitment candidates.

We provide Kitchener Waterloo businesses with the strategies they need to interview and qualify potential employees and to select the right one. Our participation extends through the entire process, including the offer and closing and, more importantly, we understand that the hiring process doesn’t end once the position is filled. You need to make sure that your new employee is a successful fit for your organization. We help you monitor this process and provide you with the answers you need to address any concerns.

The businesses in the Kitchener–Waterloo area have unique needs. Their individual industries demand a level of expertise, skill sets, and adaptability that very few candidates can provide. The Executive Wing provides the candidates that are most likely to be a successful fit and help your company excel within your industry.

We provide effective executive search services to businesses throughout Canada and other countries. Kitchener–Waterloo businesses leverage these services to build an organization that will establish your success in the long run.


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State of the art technology, an extensive data base, the most current industry intelligence, exceptional contacts and network, international affiliations and our activity in industry associations, plus our qualified researchers and comprehensive profiling afford us the ability to systematically, intelligently and quickly identify the best candidates.

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