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In any work setting, new employees are seen as an investment to the organisation, and are expected to deliver a superb return over time. There is a notable difference between good candidates and excellent employees, with the latter being able to contribute in a big way to your success. With The Executive Wing as your HR partner in Brampton, we can help filter through the countless job applications to connect you with competent, skilled, and compatible candidates who will be a boon to your organisation.


Brampton is a diverse, cosmopolitan, and dynamic city in Southern Ontario with an official population of over 600,000 in 2016. It is a designated growth centre in the province: the fourth largest city in Ontario, third largest in the GTA, and the ninth largest in Canada. Between 1981 and 2011, the city’s population grew by an incredible 8.4 percent per year (increments of 18,000 people annually). This is the second highest growth rate among the largest cities in the country.

The city enjoys a very diverse population, with over 89 different languages and 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds. 66.4 percent of the population comprises visible immigrants, with the largest population groups being South Asian (38.4 %) and Black (13.5 %).

Brampton has a largely youthful population with a median age of 34.7 years compared to the provincial median age of 40.4. Its residents are younger than the ten most populated Canadian cities.


Brampton boasts a successful and diversified economy with over 8,600 businesses. 72 percent of these businesses are in the service sector, while 28 percent are goods-producing companies. The city has achieved a designated “AAA” credit rating awarded by Standard & Poor’s for 8 successive years.

The city’s workforce works in the following key sectors:

These numbers were obtained from the 2013 Brampton Employment Survey.

The City has a vibrant corporate community with an amazing list of corporations from both national and international enterprises that have chosen to invest in the Brampton business community. The major employers in the City include:

  • Rogers Communications with 4,500 employees
  • FCA Canada (previously Chrysler) – 3, 437
  • Loblaw Companies Ltd – 3,200
  • Canadian Tire Corporation Distribution Centre – 2,140
  • Maple Lodge Farms – 1,800
  • Technicolor Canada Inc. – 915
  • Coca Cola Bottling Company – 888
  • Waste Management of Canada – 734
  • TJX Canada – 720
  • Dynacare Medical Laboratories (HQ) – 700

How much can a manager expect to earn working in Brampton?

A managerial position in a Brampton company should earn you over$50,000 depending on the specific role. The median salary for an administrative assistant is $40,000; that of a retail store manager is $43,000; office manager is $50,000; production supervisor is $54,500; and operations manager $61,500.

One of the key components of the Brampton’s economic development service plan is creating awareness of the City as a competitive location for new business investments from North American and international markets. The ultimate goal is to promote trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) in the key industrial and commercial sectors. While strategy is critical, putting together a skilled team is just as important for getting a good return. The Executive Wing can be the hiring resource you need to make your business thrive in Brampton.


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