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5 Sep

What To Look For In A Manufacturing Job Posting

What To Look For In Manufacturing Job Postings

There are general things you should look for in any job posting: skills, experience, what the job entails, and the basic application instructions. For manufacturing, there are also specific things that might be “coded” into the posting that you should identify by reading in between lines. By identifying the obvious and not so obvious, you can accurately determine your chances of landing the job, thereby making your application efforts fruitful.

Potential Problems

When you read the job posting, try to identify potential problems that exist within the organisation. When a posting identifies the responsibilities of the job, they are more than routine tasks. If you read carefully, they might be things that you are actually expected to improve on with your skill-sets. There are always problems to solve in manufacturing, so it’s quite likely that they will be identified in the posting.

Skills and Experience

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly knowledge based, and it is no longer enough to have good physical fitness and a strong work ethic. Look for mention of specific types of software or technology. If you aren’t familiar with them, then your chances of success will be slim.

Do you have any formal training in university or trade school? If they are asking for specific credentials or training, see if what you have matches up. If you have the experience but no credentials, then look at how that experience gives you the skills that formal training provides.

Keywords in Manufacturing

When reading the job posting, look for the keywords that are relevant to the industry, words such as: computerized systems, machine programming, manufacturing blueprints, automated manufacturing, hydraulics, electrical systems and other technical words. These words should be reflected in your application.

Finally, when you feel you are a good fit for the job and are ready to apply, follow the application instructions to the letter. If you have to send your application to someone’s email address, a simple Google search will uncover the person’s full name and job title. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

It is always important to read a job posting on more than one level. In addition to having the skills, personality and experience to match, look for the potential problems that are being identified in the job posting and see whether you can solve those problems. It pays to give extra attention to the wording of the job posting; it will save you time and energy in your job search process. If you are looking for more information or advice on finding a job or hiring new talent, then give us a call or visit our website to see our services.

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