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25 Apr

5 Tips To get You Noticed By Executive Recruiters

Noticed By Executive Recruiters

Many people reach a point in their career when the best option for career advancement or a new challenge is achieved through a professional executive headhunter. These people sift through and read an enormous number of resumes and speak to a wide range of individuals on a daily basis, so getting noticed and having your resume moved to the top of the pile can often be quite a challenge. Below are 5 tips that will get you noticed by executive recruiters.

Boost your visibility.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are relevant and visible in your industry is to make sure that you are carefully considering your PR. This may mean speaking at industry events or conferences, or getting literature you have written published on industry blogs or in industry magazines.

Demand recognition.

It is one thing to be good at what you do. It is another thing to have others agree that you are good at what you do. Having a network of friends, colleagues or former business associates who can attest to your ability and past success is an enormous help when trying to get yourself noticed by an executive recruitment agency. The opinion of others, especially other highly respected people in your industry, matters immensely.

Never stop networking.

Making connections and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with people in your industry is one of the most surefire ways to ensure that there is always a job offer on the table. The more you get your name out there and the more people you can call upon for a reference, advice or assistance is always a good thing.

Social networking.

Social networking has changed the nature of virtually every social and professional interaction on the planet, and executive searches are no different. Many headhunters spend a lot of time perusing professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn and making sure that you have an up-to-date, professional and accurate profile which makes you stand out is one the prerequisites of job searching in the 21st century.

Use an executive search firm for your own recruitment. One of the best possible ways to develop a relationship with an executive search firm, which you can then leverage to your own benefit down the road, is to hire them to find you candidates. If you have had experienced dealing with executive search firms on this end of this end of the hiring process, you will have a list of contacts and relationships which you can rely upon when it comes time for you to look for your own employment.

The job search, whether you are just starting your career, or are a tenured industry veteran with decades of experience can be disheartening. The enormous amount of competition out there for a fixed number of jobs mean that many people who do not know how the system works, end up searching in vain. Follow the above 5 tips to get yourself noticed by an executive recruitment agency.

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