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4 Apr

5 Tips For Selecting The Right Candidate For The Job

Right Job Candidate

Knowing who and how to hire is one of the most fundamental parts of any business strategy. Different types of people possess different skill sets and personality traits that are effective in different positions and work better and worse depending on the type of organization and the organizational culture. Hiring the wrong person for the job can have dramatic long-term financial and HR consequences. Below are 5 tips to follow to make sure that you are selecting the right candidate for the job.

Create a coherent job description. Good hiring practices always begin with accurately describing the job that you are hiring for and address the success factors which contribute to a potential candidate thriving in a given position. Having an easy to understand and to follow job description will make both candidates and hiring managers more aware of exactly what it is they are looking for.

Involve line staff and departmental managers in the hiring process. It is important to ensure that people with comprehensive knowledge of particular jobs and departments provide input during the hiring process because they are the best people your organization has to make sure you are hiring people who are capable of doing the job being advertised and who will be capable of thriving in the environment.

Create interview questions that force the candidate to apply previous job experience and successes to the context of the job they are interviewing for. This will allow you to make sure that potential candidates have the requisite skill sets as well as an ability to apply them in various situations.

The interview should focus on accomplishments. Knowledge and skill sets are important tools, but knowing how a potential candidate has put their core competencies into practice during previous work experience is a good indicator of what you can expect from them in their new role.

Look for candidates who do not shy away from adversity or a challenge. Anyone can thrive in optimal professional conditions, it is the people who are able to take on challenges and overcome adversity who have the character necessary to handle high-stress and mentally and emotionally demanding jobs.

It is never a sure shot when you hire anybody. It is easy to be calm and collected, to say all the right things during the interview process, and when it comes time to put everything into practice, people can have trouble living up to the expectations of the job. Put the above 5 methods into practice when hiring for any new position and make sure that you are hiring and spending money on the right personnel.

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