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3 Oct

5 Professional Skills You’ll Develop In The Auto Industry

Critical Skills For A Successful Career In The Auto Industry

A career in the auto industry can be extremely exciting. There are numerous challenges facing mobility, from global concerns of sustainable transportation to new technology that has developed e-highways and cars that can survive on Mars.

The auto industry is all about the future, but on a regular basis, you will be more involved in tasks revolving around the current look and feel of modern cars – their safety, comfort, security, speed, fuel economy, and a lot more.

As a professional in the auto industry, you are likely to work in one of three areas:

  • Research and development: Seeking solutions to engineering problems
  • Design: Coming up with new products or improving existing ones
  • Production: Planning, designing, and optimising production processes

To succeed in any of these positions, you obviously need to be passionate about auto engineering and design, whether for motor vehicles, motorcycles or racing cars, and possess a number of other mathematical, technical and problem solving skills.

In your job you will also develop other skills, including:

  1. Critical thinking

    In your job capacity, you will be required to apply critical thinking on a regular basis to diagnose automotive failures; establish cause-effect relationships when malfunctions arise; monitor and evaluate instrument or vehicle responses; and synthesise data, document it, and draw rational conclusions.

  2. Ability to focus

    You will be required to stay alert when handling diagnostic, maintenance, and repair tasks that require mechanical and electrical skills. Performing your job will require regular interaction with power tools, highly advanced industry equipment, and diagnostic software and test equipment that require skill and proficiency.

  3. Professional attitude and demeanour

    You will occasionally work under stressful conditions arising from tight deadlines or unconventional customer expectations; respond calmly to customer complaints that may be accompanied with hostile actions; and demonstrate concern and empathy for the position and needs of patrons. These situations will hone your ability to present a professional appearance, which represents enhanced ability to maintain your physical, mental and emotional stability.

  4. Be forward thinking

    Auto engineers are expected to be forward thinking – dynamic, visionary and able to think outside the box. In the course of your work, you will be required to develop new test procedures; bring new products to market; devise and organise tests; anticipate component or vehicle behaviour using simulation software; and manage all details of projects, among other things. To be a good project leader, you must be forward thinking to anticipate and tackle any problems without getting overwhelmed.

The auto industry is an environment where you can acquire so many skills that can propel your career in any other field. Of course, you will also gain interpersonal skills by building rapport with colleagues and customers, and using therapeutic communication with team members of different intellectual, cultural, and social backgrounds, which will help you feel comfortable in any working environment.

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